I help SaaS & tech companies create marketing content that measurably attracts more customers using proven strategies, tactics, and frameworks.

The “go-to guy “for any of your content marketing needs

If you run content marketing for your company, you already know this:


… creating content that brings new readers, subscribers and customers to your website every month is overwhelming af.


And if you’re here, I’m guessing you may be looking for a little help.


The good news is you’re in the right place!


As a freelance content strategist, I help clients create a working content strategy and implement content strategies for my clients.

Jason Miller, Me, and Tom Martin at at Copyblogger's Authority Rainmaker event in Denver, Colorado

What I can do for you:

Hello, I’m Anthony Sills. I’m the Founder & Content Strategist at Professional Pen. 

I help SasS and tech companies who need to get more ROI from their content marketing plan, publish, and promote content that drives leads and revenue using proven strategies, tactics, and frameworks.

Here are a few things I’m extremely good at: 

  • Creating marketing content that measurably attracts more customers
  • Writing blog posts, white papers, emails, and web copy that people read, share, and comment on

I invest my time very carefully. Content I produce and promote is in very high demand. If you want help with content marketing I offer consulting on content strategy, content creation, and content distribution.

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Rarely do you find a writer who is crazy passionate about creative work AND business results. Anthony Sills is that writer. You've likely read something he's ghostwritten on the web. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.