Episode #1 with Rajiv ‘RajNATION’ Nathan aka The Startup Hypeman

On the show today we have Rajiv ‘RajNATION’ Nathan. And startups and storytelling are topics he’s very passionate about.

Raj is the founder of Startup Hypeman, a B2B marketing company that helps startups stand out to customers and investors and stand apart from competitors. They help scale B2B SaaS companies and make their story the only one that matters. He is here to share how he uses the art of storytelling to help businesses with branding and marketing strategies.

Rajiv describes his style of marketing as problem-based sales and marketing rather than product-based sales and marketing because they hone in on the problems that the buyer is experiencing. A good story changes how the buyer sees you- they differentiate you from the competitor and want to pay you what you’re worth.

He talks about his storytelling strategy of using hip-hop videos as part of his mission of thinking less like a businessperson and more like an entertainer. An entertainment thinks more of the audience and how to connect with them. He uses his hip-hop video as a top funnel sales strategy in content marketing and has landed him one of his largest customers and other smaller ones.

Standout Quotes:

“If you can identify a problem, you are first of typically going to almost always be more unique than other people in the field.” [3:34]

“I think what makes me different than others that do similar work, is my own theory on how to approach this stuff which is, think less like an entrepreneur or an executive or a business person and think more like an entertainer.” [10:24]

“You need to go all-in in your point of view which requires buying from sales, marketing, and product.” [24:50]

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