Copy Audit

Copy audits from a professional copywriter may be the fastest way to improve average copy. 

Strengthen your results with a professional review and recommendations.

Turnaround time on copy audits is 14 days or less. (If you’re working against a deadline and need faster turnaround, please let me know in advance.) 

If you’re about to write a piece of copy or put out some marketing material, I would highly suggest you jump on this.


Sometimes, you just really need a quick opinion or insight into a specific marketing challenge. Through these 1-hour marketing strategy sessions, you’ll get the guidance you need.

Want to talk strategy, get feedback on a piece of copy, or something else? A 60-minute one-on-one consultation might be just what you need.

We’ll chat over the phone, Skype, or Zoom to tackle your top priority together. You may have questions or just want reassurance you’re on the right track. Or maybe you want an outside perspective to review your strategy, your copy, or a piece of content.

At the end of our session, you’ll either have what you’re looking for, or you’ll know exactly what you need to do next. Plus, you’ll get a recording of our conversation, and an email follow-up with your action items.

(available in 3, 6, and 12-hour consulting bundles)

Lead-gen funnel

If you’re wondering, “How am I going to get (MORE) leads this month?” why not let me build you a lead generation funnel that will help you build relationships with potential buyers and move them down the sales funnel?

You’ll get an A-Z funnel strategy for your top-of-funnel experience. As well as a lead-capture landing page and (5) nurturing emails

Email copywriting

Want emails that convert prospects into customers?

I’ll write you a 7-part sequence of sales and nurturing emails you can use for product launches, evergreen funnels, or sales campaigns.

Sales Page

Looking for a long-form sales page to help you sell smarter?

You’re in the right place!

Signature Sound™ Messaging Strategy & Consulting 

Your marketing will only ever be as good as your messaging.

Way too many companies are building demand generation campaigns on top of subpar messaging. Your story needs to be dialed in before you start spending money on lead generation.

Google North America data and Facebook data both show that the right creative message accounts for 80 percent of the return path.

This means that your storytelling — your messaging — is 80 percent of the reason why your lead generation works or doesn’t work.

And unless your company is already scaling out of control, getting your story right is where you’ll see the biggest gains.

I’ll work with you to nail your messaging. We’ll document your unique story and all relevant marketing messages and statements about your product.

You’ll receive a comprehensive document with voice and messaging recommendations you can use as the “master messaging document” so all your marketing is consistent and effective.

91% of B2B companies are using content marketing today. And when you’re trying to stand out in a crowded industry, you can’t sound like everyone else.

I’ll help you discover your Signature Sound™ so you can consistently publish content that’s music to your customers’ ears.

This means you’ll be able to bridge the gap between your prospects’ pain points and your SaaS product using effective messaging to improve the results of your sales funnel.

Starting at at $1850

1-Day Content Jumpstart

Most 1-Day Content Jumpstarts cover a high-level technical review, general content strategy, and blog/content recommendations.

But if you have specific issues you’d like addressed – consider me your content “Swiss Army Knife” – depending on the scope, a 1-Day Content Jumpstart can help guide your marketing in a wide variety of areas:

  • Content Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Content Promotion
  • Content Calendar Planning
  • SEO
  • Keyword Research & Analysis


Could you use a little help getting shit done? We’ve got you. 

Point me at your most pressing project and let me execute… OR… let me advise you based on my own expertise in helping hundreds of clients.




Launch email sequence

If you want a high-converting email sequence to crush your next launch, we got you covered.

You’ll get a 6-part email launch sequence and custom landing page to help you launch your product and start generating sales.