Content Marketing Audit

If it’s content you need help with – we’ve got you.

We help busy B2B software and technology marketers create engaging content consistently so they can generate more traffic, leads, and sales to grow their business.

There are a few ways for us to work together.

Content Marketing Audit — 

Starting at $500

1-on-1 Strategy Sessions

Sometimes, you just really need a quick opinion or insight into a specific marketing challenge. Through these 1-hour marketing strategy sessions, you’ll get the guidance you need.

Want to talk strategy, get feedback on a piece of copy, or something else? A 60-minute one-on-one consultation might be just what you need.

We’ll chat over the phone, Skype, or Zoom to tackle your top priority together. You may have questions or just want reassurance you’re on the right track. Or maybe you want an outside perspective to review your strategy, your copy, or a piece of content.

At the end of our session, you’ll either have what you’re looking for, or you’ll know exactly what you need to do next. Plus, you’ll get a recording of our conversation, and an email follow-up with your action items.

(available in 3, 6, and 12-hour consulting bundles)

Jazz Up Your Blog™

This is our signature service for a reason. Business blogging drives traffic to your website, educates your prospects, and is a repeatable way to generate high quality low cost leads.

“For 90+ % of people, the best tactic they can use to start their SaaS business is start blogging.”  ~Hiten Shah

B2B companies that blog 11+ times per month have almost 3X more traffic than those blogging 0-1 times per month.* 

For early stage startups, blog content creation is one of the most cost effective ways to build your brand and your audience. Maybe that’s why 49% of B2B marketers say blog posts are the most effective type of content for moving prospects through the sales funnel.

Need your company blog to work as hard as you do?

We’ll create three (3) blog posts a week for three (3) months. This means you’ll finally be able to get consistent output and  build your brand in a scalable and cost effective way.

Starting at $4,000 per month. *

Content Marketing Machine™

This is a fully done-for-you content marketing service where we take over your company blog and content creation. We’ll create high-quality content that helps you generate more leads, acquire more paying customers, and reduce churn.

Content Marketing Machine™ is a flat-fee monthly engagement to help you keep costs predictable and still get all the marketing help you need. From creating a content strategy to managing your content marketing channels to promoting your content and driving traffic (paid and organic), this engagement covers all the bases. Plus, it’s completely customized to your exact business.

Starting at $10,000 per month.

Content Workshops

Get customized marketing training to help you “fill the gaps” in your content marketing knowledge. These workshops will help you shine as a content professional! Discover how to create, distribute, and promote content that serves your business strategy.

Workshops include:

  • Content Marketing Strategy Workshop
  • The Audience Algorithm™: Building Brand and Demand Through Content Strategy
  • Content (Inbound) Marketing Buy-In And Alignment Workshop

Signature Sound™ Messaging Strategy/Consulting 

Your marketing will only ever be as good as your messaging.

Way too many companies are building demand generation campaigns on top of subpar messaging. Your story needs to be dialed in before you start spending money on lead generation.

Google North America data and Facebook data both show that the right creative message accounts for 80 percent of the return path.

This means that your storytelling — your messaging — is 80 percent of the reason why your lead generation works or doesn’t work.

And unless your company is already scaling out of control, getting your story right is where you’ll see the biggest gains.

I’ll work with you to nail your messaging. We’ll document your unique story and all relevant marketing messages and statements about your product.

You’ll receive a comprehensive document with voice and messaging recommendations you can use as the “master messaging document” so all your marketing is consistent and effective.

91% of B2B companies are using content marketing today. And when you’re trying to stand out in a crowded industry, you can’t sound like everyone else.

I’ll help you discover your Signature Sound™ so you can consistently publish content that’s music to your customers’ ears.

This means you’ll be able to bridge the gap between your prospects’ pain points and your SaaS product using effective messaging to improve the results of your sales funnel.

Starting at at $1850