Content is worthless if it doesn't get you results

I am Anthony Sills

the founder of Professional Pen

The world’s best brands have been quietly partnering with me to build audiences and drive measurable business outcomes. And now I’m helping busy marketers … like you … use proven strategies to reap the benefits of an effective content marketing program with none of the usual headaches.

“I’ve been working in the trenches for 10 years with some of the smartest marketers at top brands like American Express, IBM, SEMrush, and Infusionsoft rolling up my sleeves and doing the hard work to attract large, targeted audiences.”

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B2B SaaS and technology marketers have to deliver results in 3 areas

Acquisition, Conversion, and Retention

In other words, you need LOTS of content to sell your product.

The problem is...

Most marketers don’t have the time and resources to consistently create, distribute, and promote all that content.

Do you already use content marketing but struggle to create content your audience actually wants? Not sure how to create and execute a content strategy that will make a major impact on your business?

Do you get stuck not knowing what to do next? Are you too busy to generate blog or campaign ideas? Do you have a never-ending”To Do” list, overflowing inbox, and need help but rarely get it?

We help busy B2B digital marketers improve their content marketing so they can GSD!

Ashley DeLance

I am a Marketing Copywriter for a software company, and our marketing department publishes quality content on a regular basis. When we don’t have the bandwidth to produce all of the content ourselves, we often turn to freelancers for help. We can choose from hundreds, if not thousands (literally!) of freelance writers out there, but we always turn to Anthony first. We know that he will produce the quality content we need, so we never hesitate to ask for his help. And he never lets us down. Whether it’s a blog post or a whitepaper, we know that Anthony will take care of us. He’s a great go-to guy for any of your marketing content needs.